Saturday, July 26, 2014 Yoga 11 a.m. Spiral 12 noon.

Sacred Stone Circle

Connect with the sacred stones during an hour of spiritual yoga, taught by Ofelia Mohr, and accompanied with music by Deb Jennings. Then, enjoy a powerful group meditation in a spiral formation on the sweet, loving Iowa earth, surrounded by a sacred stone circle, led by Ofelia Mohr. This will be followed by a sacred sound meditation led by Deb Jennings of “Sounds for the Soul.” Sound Meditation 1 p.m. Love Offering.

The yang spiral expresses luminous, solar, dynamic and optimistic energy. The center represents the source of creation. The spiral facilitates spiritual evolution leading to liberation from the cycle of reincarnations. Participants, arranged according to the twelve signs of the Zodiac, join hands form the spiral. As a result, the subtle aura of each person is charged with energy that balances and heals at a very deep level, and accelerates the spiritual evolution of consciousness.

Deb Jennings creates a deeply transformative sound experience that is resonant and harmonious for your own relaxation, healing, and growth. These sacred sounds can open the heart, expand consciousness and help you tune to your own infinite source of inner peace. This is an opportunity to accelerate energetic healing, facilitate spiritual awakening, and immerse oneself in a blissful, relaxing remembrance of unity and oneness with all creation.

For more information (check for directions or carpooling possibilities):

Call Ofelia Mohr 515-577-9119. Email: (more about Ofelia). for more information about Sounds for the Soul

Location: Harvest Preserve, 1650 N. Scott Blvd., Iowa City, IA 52245