After a distance session with Deb this week 1/1/18:

All who live near Des Moines are fortunate – and whether they are able yet to understand why matters not – for a person Pure of Heart and Mind resides nearby and is ever reaching more deeply into the Great Cosmic Understanding of sound to draw into the bodies of all humanity who reside there – and into the structure of Earth 🌏 itself – the Power of Harmonious Clear Sound to Cleanse, Align, Purify and Protect the Electromagnetic Structure of the Earth 🌏 and the Electromagnetic bodies of those who live and breath there.

Like all of us today on Earth 🌏– she has within her Heart ❤️ a desire to Heal the Earth and she has – through great and sustained personal effort – sought and achieved a degree of awakening that allows her to set aside the outer self from time to time. Thus may she then enable her mind to focus with sufficient Purity Of Intent – on the ALL ENCOMPASSING- yet ever changing electro-magnetic ocean of currents – that enfold us all each waking moment…and to Manifest these currents into the Sound Pathways of the Lower Atmosphere of Earth.

Light (which is an electromagnetic charge of energy) is to the upper atmosphere of Earth much as sound is to the lower atmosphere in which we dwell on the surface of the Earth.

Sound vibrations penetrate the flesh body in patterns which we identify as either words, tones or “noise.” Each wave of sound we release continues on its way – theoretically – without limit, though we do not “hear” it once it passes by. But in passing it effects the cells of our physical bodies and it leaves a physical imprint in our feeling world.

Should your mind and body be in discord or should you feel a desire to align your thoughts and your physical body – seek out Deb and allow the sounds she is able to generate relax your mind and then allow them to bring your body into a state of harmony – so that it has the capacity to do for you – all it is truly designed to do for you and wishes to do for you – without further interference from the ever anxious post-modern mind.

Dr. Sue Rumbaugh


I thoroughly enjoyed my chakra clearing session with Deb Jennings. I felt bathed in love! I could feel some chakras really shifting; a lot of movement. I felt hot heat in one. We were joined by Arch Angel Michael, as Deb played the flute. Apparently, he he enjoyed her music as much as I did! The end result was deep relaxation and a feeling of well being.

Denise Vazquez, Psychic Intuitive Adviser

Healing Screening Committee, Iowa Metaphysical Fair 


Twas wonderful.   What a blessing! This week I had Triple Treats of your sounds.   Tuesday I had a major healing happening –centered in my left calve….shooting fairly painful zaps that shook my whole body.  I had polio as a child and that calf has been weak, legs disproportionate lengths.   I felt it was a healing experience and tried to just surrender and stay with my breath.   Afterwards I had some confirmation that it was an opening of sorts where energy had been blocked previously.   The colors and light patterns afterwards were very enticing.  Thursday night was something I barely had words for!  The patterns of light and colors and intricacies….WOW…July 4 fireworks will be pale by comparison.   

 Thank you Deb, for all that you are and do!