I thoroughly enjoyed my chakra clearing session with Deb Jennings. I felt bathed in love! I could feel some chakras really shifting; a lot of movement. I felt hot heat in one. We were joined by Arch Angel Michael, as Deb played the flute. Apparently, he he enjoyed her music as much as I did! The end result was deep relaxation and a feeling of well being.

Denise Vazquez, Psychic Intuitive Adviser

Healing Screening Committee, Iowa Metaphysical Fair 


Twas wonderful.   What a blessing! This week I had Triple Treats of your sounds.   Tuesday I had a major healing happening –centered in my left calve….shooting fairly painful zaps that shook my whole body.  I had polio as a child and that calf has been weak, legs disproportionate lengths.   I felt it was a healing experience and tried to just surrender and stay with my breath.   Afterwards I had some confirmation that it was an opening of sorts where energy had been blocked previously.   The colors and light patterns afterwards were very enticing.  Thursday night was something I barely had words for!  The patterns of light and colors and intricacies….WOW…July 4 fireworks will be pale by comparison.   

 Thank you Deb, for all that you are and do!