Oneness Vibration recordings


One of the main goals of Oneness Vibration is to assist with expanding consciousness from the limited ego or “me” self to an increased understanding and awareness of what oneness truly is.

It is the mission of the Oneness Vibration team to offer every single soul in the Universe an opportunity to connect with the vibrations of peace and harmony on a deep and personal level. The experience created by these vibrational attunements will lead to an awakening of the awareness of Oneness among all souls. It is our vision to have millions of global citizens connecting with the pure and simple vibration of love that will expand hearts and minds, creating a natural and harmonized World Peace.

Please visit the Oneness Vibration website to listen to the recordings anytime you would like to connect with peace and harmony and share the link with your friends and family:

Much love and gratitude,

Deb Jennings