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Transforming the World with Waves of Sound

Soothing sounds wash over and through me. I hear them, and feel their vibrations with every aspect of my being. Stress dissipates; mind chatter ceases; muscle tightness leaves. I am deeply relaxed and strongly grounded in my own inner source of peace. I breathe in unconditional love for myself and all others; and exhale gratitude for the sounds and all that has brought me to this present NOW moment.

From this peaceful place, I share Sounds for the Soul with others. Whether I am accompanying a yoga class, leading a group meditation, working with an individual on a personal issue, or seeing a referral from a therapist, assisting their client in the journey to transcend trauma, I begin with the practice of centering myself with sound.

What is sound? Everything that moves vibrates, making sound, whether we hear it with our ears or perceive it through the cells in our body. All matter is also energy, and is constantly changing shape and form. Each form has its own frequency. By changing the vibratory rate, the structure of matter can be changed (the science of cymatics).

When our bodies are healthy, they vibrate in harmony. If an area becomes diseased, its vibratory rate changes to a discordant pattern. Sound helps restore the natural balance of perfect harmony through a principle called sympathetic resonance. When two objects are vibrating in the same vicinity (i.e. a Tibetan singing bowl and your body) the body tries to match the vibration of perfection, harmony and balance that the bowl emits when played, and the body’s brainwaves entrain to the bowl’s vibration.

Sound is conducted especially well through water, and our bodies are made of a high percentage of water. In this process, our body’s immune, endocrine, circulatory, respiratory and metabolic systems are changed. Every atom, molecule, cell, gland and organ of the body is positively affected by the vibrations.

If we add intention, the process is further enhanced. Jonathan Goldman uses an equation of frequency + intention = healing. Personally, I add unconditional love + gratitude + frequency + intention = healing.

Receiving the sounds of Tibetan and crystal bowls, gongs, and other instruments help the body achieve a very deep state of relaxation, allowing one’s inner healer to do its best work. Resulting benefits include: decreased stress and anxiety, improved coping abilities, decreased pain levels, decreased respiratory and heart rate, increased self-awareness and improved creativity.

Individual responses after transformative sound journeys include:

  • “I am transported to other dimensions. Physically, I’m in Iowa, but I hear the ocean. I feel the waves.”
  • “I used to wake up daily with migraines. Now my headaches are almost gone. I only occasionally have a very mild one.”
  • “I forget about my body’s denseness. My soul feels free to travel.”
  • “It was better than a massage.”
  • “I could feel my body dissolving, experiencing oneness and complete connectedness with everything.”
  • “I came in feeling so stressed out. I am now so relaxed. This is wonderful!”
  • “I was able to physically release years of guilt and shame.”
  • “I had been unable to eat for days. My stomach was in painful knots. Now it is relaxed and I am able to eat again.”
  • “I felt 35 years of anger release and leave my body. I have experienced a permanent shift.”
  • “I’ve never been a visual person. But I see colors, symbols and geometric shapes during the session.”
  • “I left my awareness of this time and place and was transported inter-dimensionally. It was so peaceful and relaxing.”

As I work with individuals and groups, I see sound transforming our world. It is my mission to be of service in this transformation, working on myself first and then sharing this vision with the world:

Soundwaves wash over us, penetrating every particle of our multidimensional beingness, awakening awareness, and expanding consciousness. We follow the sounds within, reaching a vortex of energy that expands into infinite dimensions. We are at peace: complete peace. We are in balance and harmony with all of nature, with all the cosmos, with All That Is. And we are grateful.

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Deb Jennings

about Deb Jennings

Deb Jennings has studied and played music since age 5, and she has studied and practiced sound healing the last 20 years. She has studied with Jonathan Goldman and Buddhist monks in China, Tibet and India. Deb has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and is trained in all three levels of Usui Reiki. Deb is owner of Sounds for the Soul in Des Moines, Iowa, and is available for private and group sessions, meditations, presentations, workshops and retreats.

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Featured Article in Times Communicator Express, September 2013

“Magical Healing Journey Through Sacred Sound” 
An Interview with Deb Jennings

by Michelle Kahle

Deb Jennings playing the Tibetan bowls
Deb Jennings has studied music all her life. She plays piano, organ, keyboards, Native American flutes, percussion instruments, crystal bowls, Tibetan metal bowls and bells, temple gongs, tuning forks, and didgeridoo.Deb was living in Omaha, NE the first time she heard the crystal and Tibetan metal bowls. She was drawn to them right away and began playing the bowls in the early nineties.Her passion for the music inspired her to make a one-month trip to Tibet and China. She “thought” she was making the trip to study and pray with the Tibetan monks to find herself, but Deb realized on that trip that for peace to manifest in the world, it had to start with her inner self.This realization led her to strive for greater Peace not only for herself, but for all of mankind. This was the beginning of an awareness of her life purpose.Deb is a true Wayshower with music and sound, inspiring people to connect with the feeling of being one-with-all. Her lifelong collection of instruments gave her the tools to pursue her passion for Sound Healing.Deb has studied toning and chant with several different teachers and a variety of spiritual traditions including Christian, Hindu, Native American, Buddhism and Sufi.
While she was volunteering at the Buddha Relic Tour in Des Moines, IA last summer, Deb was guided to work with many of the people who attended the weekend event. Her sound healing helped people feel less stress, release the mind chatter, open their hearts, and feel more balance and more inner harmony.
“Transformational sound can take you on a magical journey to wholeness  on all levels, and help you arrive at a destination of realms of inner peace.”“The experience took me back to my childhood. My parents owned a nursing home and I often shared music with the residents and saw how music was such a healing force,” shared Deb.Realizing the benefits of her work with sound and vibration as a vehicle for healing the soul, and shifting the consciousness of humanity, she began to organize her life business – Sounds For The Soul.“Anything that moves or vibrates is sound,” shared Deb at a recent presentation in Des Moines. “The OM sound contains the frequencies of all other tones and is recognized by all the spiritual traditions as a sacred sound. In the Mayan culture, there is creation from incantation. The Christian reference to “the word” refers to sound, and the oneness with God. The Navajo talk about the wind as breath, the essence of sound, the evidence of the Creator. Aboriginal prayer is “I sing you!”
Deb enjoyed being a part of the healing WCF fellowship
at the Iowa Conference Center in July
Following her inner guidance and being loyal to herself, Deb continues to grow her business in the Des Moines area – leading drum circles, offering workshops for wellness, conducting private and group sessions, supporting yoga in the park, providing healing hospice services, creating inspirational music for weddings, and more.Life for Deb is setting the intention, learning to give, and sharing from the heart. She feels that living in the present is the key for reaching her goals and receiving the answers to everything she is searching for.Living life to the fullest has opened up doors to new adventures, including volunteering at the Iowa Primate Learning Sanctuary. The ape community loves it when Deb comes to play the bowls. They resonate with the sound vibration she plays while in meditation.Nature is another area where sound healing can make a difference, says Deb. It can even raise the quality of water, improve the health of trees and other vegetation. Sound healing helps relax the environment, and can be a very practical help for people at any age. Deb has found the music calms both children and adults. Working with couples to help them rediscover their true vibration of love is one of the key areas of her sound healing service that is very fulfilling.“Transformational sound can take you on a magical journey to wholeness on all levels,” shared Deb. “It can help you arrive at a destination of realms of deep inner peace.”For more information, contact Deb Jennings at
_____________________________________________________Michelle Kahle is a massage therapist, ALC educator and spiritual consultant, and practitioner of Native American healing traditions, currently living in Iowa. Her healing thrust helps others find their inner peace and claim their inner authority as a soul to be “in charge” of their lives.  You can contact Michelle at

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