March Big Pyramid Event, 3/23/14


Spring Equinox Energies!

Inviting the healing light from the Cosmos and the Earth for the benefit of ourselves and all beings everywhere.

Heal and be of service: We will be sending blessings out to a radius of at least 100 miles!

Sunday, March 23rd 4-6pm

Unity of Des Moines  414 31st St. DM,  $25. Suggested love offering

                                             Contact Laura Jones to sign up soon!  or  515-975-6331

We will create the same energy as an ancient holy temple to heal, regenerate and revitalize in Des Moines’ biggest energy field ever.        

Channeled information and cosmic music to help open to the light, soul energy and high self, while grounding to the energy of the Earth grids with large crystals.  Special Spring Equinox event: Walk in the vibrations of heavenly Crystal Constellations of our Spring Equinox night sky.


Channeled interpretations & energy prep by Laura Jones,

              Special intuitive music by Deb Jennings,